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Fashion Jewelries

Lets talk about fashion! Whats new, hot and trending. Where to buy the best offer of handmade fashion accessories, natural jewelry, DIY jewelry, component beads and more.

Wood Necklace


Philippines Wooden Necklaces Astonishing wooden jewelry from the Philippines.  Wood necklace manufactured by Bedido uses only high quality materials for customer satisfaction. Handcrafted to perfection by Filipino Artisans.  Cebu is the fashion accessory capital of the Philippines.  Our wood collection uses the following wood types like Kamagong, Bayong, Robles, Nangka …

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Shell Necklace


Philippines Shell Necklace Alluring treasures from the Philippines Seas.  Bedido shell necklace are high quality selected seashells to bring out the natural beauty of shells.  The best priced wholesale shell jewelry for your boutique, summer, beach collection and fashion jewelry line.  Made in the Philippines manufactured by Bedido.  Seashell specimen …

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Unisex Teens Necklace Jewelry


Handmade unisex teen fashion jewelry.  Affordable and easy to sell surfer necklace, rasta fashion, reggae accessories, puka shell necklaces, tribal, ethnic, bamboo, wood beads bracelets, summer anklets, beach accessory and more.   Assorted colors in bright, earth and natural tones. Manufactured direct from Milan of the Philippines, Cebu.  Handmade from Cebuano …

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Classic Handmade Natural Earrings


Ladies Handmade Fashion Earrings A great add-on to your earrings collection are quality handmade natural made fashion earrings. Most of us already own several gold and silver accessories. Now is the time to explore some fashion trends by wearing these unique natural accessories from the Philippines. Europeans and Americans are …

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