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Jewelry Making Components Natural Beads

Natural Components for Fashion Production

Premium fashion usually integrates natural components to their designs from mother of pearl MOP buttons to horn cuff links.   Bedido offers quality natural components for jewelry making, dress, clothes, polo shirts and more.

Shell Beads Components – Shells are used in enlayed with silver, gold and resin jewelry for earrings, pendants, decorative accents and buttons.  Commonly used shells in fashion production are hammershell, capiz, cowrie, black lip, brown lip, mother of pearl (MOP), paua abalone and puka shells.  Shell beads usually are free form or in natural form.  Common designs and shapes are pokalet, hieshi, round, oval, flat disc and square cut.

images of shell beads

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Tropical Wood Beads Components – The best type of wood to use with integration on fashion designs and projects are hardwood.  Hardwood does not easily fade off its natural color.  So it will not stained your favorite wardrobe.  Wood beads are used as buttons, cuff links, pendants, earrings and body accessories.  Common shapes are oval, round, oblong, football, disc and nuggets.

e.g. of wooden beads

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Famous Coconut Beads – Started in early 80’s in the Philippines.  Known as the heishi era, Instead of throwing the coconut husk from extracting coconut meat,  Filipinos find ways to use it as fashion jewelry and other home decorative items.  Coco beads are widely used for teens and unisex fashion accessories or as a surfer necklace.  Great for summer season and beach body accessory.  Common type of shapes are the coco pukalet, coco hieshi, square cut, flat disk, stick, brown, natural black and can also be dyed in different colors.

images of coco beads

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As with these beads, only your imagination is your limitation.  Feel free to browse this site for more of unique wholesale handmade natural creations from Bedido.


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