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Summer Fashion


Hip Summer Fashion Tropical fashion is here and natural made accessories is the best body accessory to flaunt in the beach. They call it BOHO, bohemian, surfer style or skater style.  It is simply the lifestyle of freedom. We offer a wide range of summer beach fashion wear from footwear …

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Costume Natural Jewelry Promo


Bedido Costume Natural Jewelry Promo We are giving away 10% off on our entire collection.   Great selection of natural beads, shell jewelry, wooden jewelry and native handicrafts. Promo runs until June 23, 2017   Order now! https://orders.fashionjewelries.com

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Natural Set Jewelry Organic Fashion Jewelry


The best collection of organic set jewelry: organic beads, wooden set jewelry, seashells set jewelry and coconut set jewellery.   Complete selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles.  Special requests can be made. visit us to see more: Organic Set Jewelry    

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