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Women’s Natural Necklace


Handmade Women’s Natural Fashion Necklace Hot trending natural jewelry for today’s women.    Handcrafted shell fashion accessories.  Seashells like MOP mother of pearl, black lip shell, paua abalone, brown lip seashells, kabibe, luhuanus, puka, cowrie tiger and trocha shells are used to make unique and beautiful pieces of fashion. We also …

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Ladies Dress Jewelry


Natural made Ladies Dress Jewelry All season design dress jewelry for the working girls.  Great accent to your office uniform and to your corporate attire.  Can be worn during daytime and evening.   Elegant style women’s dress jewelry.   Combination of natural beads and crystals.  To view more visit our ladies fashion …

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Plain Wooden Bangles


Raw Unfinished Plain Wooden Bangles Raw fashion bangles for the artist in you.   Paint it, Carved It, Wrapped It and more.  Various shapes and designs of plain wood bangles to choose from.  Ideal for fashion designers, arts and crafts and artists.  D.I.Y fashion jewelry design your own.   Made from natural …

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