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Coconut Beads Maroon Brown Set Jewelry Necklace Bracelets Set Jewelry BFJ089SJ

Set jewelry/ ordered individually as per item code / image for reference only/ all items can be orde..

Coconut Beads Square Cut White Shell Brown Black Natural Dyed Coconut Necklace BFJ040NK

Sq cut brown/black/nat combi white shell..

Coconut Cross Brown Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5067P

Coco cross w/ hair..

Coconut Flower Brown 40 mm Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5061P

Dyed coco flower w/ hair 40mm..

Coconut Flower Brown Coconut Necklace BFJ980NK

2-3mm coco pklt. nat. brown w/ dangling coco flowers..

Coconut Heart Brown Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5060P

Coco heart 2 face pendant..

Coconut Heishi Brown Red Orange Black Multi-Color 4-5 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ043NK

4-5mm coco heishe natural brown/red/orange/black..

Coconut Heishi Coconut Beads 4-5 mm Natural Brown Coconut Necklace BFJ150NK

4-5 coco heishe bleach / nat. brown..

Coconut Heishi Coconut Beads Wood Golden Brown Buri Seed Multi Row Wooden Necklaces BFJ2562NK

3 layers 2-3mm coco heishe w/ buri tiger nuggets and round 60mm wood oendant in golden brown tones..

Coconut Heishi Sigay Cowry Shell Flower Brown Coconut Necklace BFJ388NK

3 rows 2-3 coco heishe tiger/nat/brown w/ flower sigay..

Coconut Pokalet 4-5 mm Brown Coconut Necklace BFJ008NK

4-5mm pklt brown tones..

Coconut Pokalet Multi Row 2-3 mm Black Bleached White Brown Nassa White Shell Coconut Necklace BFJ387NK

3 rows 2-3 pokalet black/bleach/brown w/ nassa/sig-ed..

Coconut Pokalet Wood Beads Brown Black Coconut Necklace BFJ1861NK

"kalandrakas"- asstd. wood beads per necklace when ordered in 4-5mm coco pokalet nat. brown/7-8mm co..

Coconut Rasta Brown 7-8 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ023NK

7-8mm coco pklt rasta design dominant brwn..

Coconut Rasta Brown 7-8 mm Yellow Black Red Green Unisex Reggae Rastafarian Accessory BFJ023NK

7-8mm coco pklt rasta design dominant brwn..

Coconut Rectangular Brown Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5059P

Rectangular coco pendant w/ hair..

Coconut Round 50 mm Brown Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5416P

50mm round coco pendant w/ sun burning design..

Coconut Round 50 mm Flower Brown Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5415P

50mm round coco pendant w/ flower burning design..

Coconut Round Brown 50 mm Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5411P

50mm round coco pendant w/ star burning design..

Coconut Round Brown 50 mm Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5413P

50mm round coco pendant w/ scallop burning design..

Coconut Round Natural Brown 50 mm Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5381P

Round 50mm coco nat. brown w/ handpainted design/embossed..

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