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Coconut Pokalet Coconut Necklace BFJ352NK

2 rows coco pokalet nat/tiger.beads w/coco two face cross pendant 34mm..

Coconut Pokalet Green Red Blue 7-8 mm Dyed Coconut Necklace BFJ055NK

7-8mm pklt bleach green/red/dark blue combi..

Coconut Pokalet Magic Wire Multi Row Pastel Green Coconut Necklace BFJ1498NK

10 rows floating 2-3mm coco pokalet pastel green in magic wire..

Coconut Pokalet Multi Row 2-3 mm Black Bleached White Brown Nassa White Shell Coconut Necklace BFJ387NK

3 rows 2-3 pokalet black/bleach/brown w/ nassa/sig-ed..

Coconut Pokalet Pink Chips 4-5 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ928NK

Pink/bleach white 4-5mm coco pklt. combi w/ coco chips accent..

Coconut Pokalet Rasta 4-5 mm Dyed Coconut Necklace BFJ002NK

4-5mm coco pklt rasta necklace..

Coconut Pokalet Red Violet Pink 4-5 mm Flower Glass Beads Dyed Coconut Necklace BFJ078NK

2-3/4-5 red-violet pklt/pink 10mm coco fl0wer splashing /glass beads..

Coconut Pokalet Tiger 2-3 mm Hammer Shell Coconut Necklace BFJ1248NK

2-3mm tiger coco pokalet wire choker w/ shells accent and 45mm flower mop w/ grooved hammershell nec..

Coconut Pokalet Violet Blue 7-8 mm Dyed Coconut Necklace BFJ054NK

7-8mm pklt bleach violet/light n dark blue combi..

Coconut Pokalet Wood 50 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ371NK

4-5 mm coco pokalet brownw/ bleach wood tube alt./round burning aztec coco pendant 50 mm..

Coconut Pokalet Wood Beads Brown Black Coconut Necklace BFJ1861NK

"kalandrakas"- asstd. wood beads per necklace when ordered in 4-5mm coco pokalet nat. brown/7-8mm co..

Coconut Rasta Brown 7-8 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ023NK

7-8mm coco pklt rasta design dominant brwn..

Coconut Side Drill Blue Coconut Necklace BFJ1899NK

Single row blue tones coco sidedrill 10mm & 15mm / alternate..

Coconut Side Drill Multi-Color Coconut Necklace BFJ1898NK

Single row multicolored coco sidedrill 10mm & 15mm / alternate..

Coconut Side Drill Tan Coconut Necklace BFJ679NK

2 rows tan / 1 row nat. coco sidedrill..

Coconut Square Coconut Necklace BFJ356NK

Square cut coco w/ rectangle coco pendant w/ wood tube burning accent..

Coconut Stick Choker Coconut Necklace BFJ3039NK

1in coco nat. brown sticks choker / 15in plus adjustable pamu thread..

Coconut Tiger Choker 4-5 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ530NK

4-5mm coco pklt tiger regal choker..

Coconut Wood Beads Tan Brown Lip Shell Coconut Necklace BFJ1364NK

Tan 2-3mm coco heishe wire choker w/ buri & wood beads accent & brownlip pendant..

Coconut Wood Beads Tube 2-3 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ114NK

2 rows 2-3 coco pklt bleach w tube & wood beads w/ burning..

Khaki Coconut White Rose Square Cut 18 inches Dyed Coconut Necklace BFJ039NK

Sq cut khaki combi white shell elastic..

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