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Coconut Heishi Coconut Necklace BFJ787NK

Wood ricebeads & 2-3mm coco heishe w/ surfboard wood pendant..

Coconut Heishi Glass Beads Multi Row Coconut Necklace BFJ920NK

5 rows 2-3m coco pklt/2-3heishe combi and cut glass beads/elastic/ center knot..

Coconut Heishi Green Stick 2-3 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ925NK

2 rows 2-3mm coco heishe nat. w/ white clam,indian sticks & green beads combi..

Coconut Heishi Heart Coconut Necklace BFJ351NK

2-3mm coco heishe tiger/sig-ed w/ coco two face heart pendant 32x37mm..

Coconut Heishi Multi Row Blue Black Peach Glass Beads Coconut Necklace BFJ1511NK

3 rows pastel blue coco heishe / glass beads / black & leach pukalet combi..

Coconut Heishi Nassa White Shell Glass Beads 2-3 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ232NK

2-3 heishe / tiger w/ burning pendant / nassa / glass..

Coconut Heishi Nassa White Shell Nuggets 2-3 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ231NK

2-3 heishe nat. w/ burning pendant / nassa / coco nuggets..

Coconut Heishi Olive Green Flower Buri Seed Coconut Necklace BFJ1255NK

2-3mm olive green coco heishe wire choker w/ buri seeds accent and 45mm graduated green hammershell ..

Coconut Heishi Pink Trocha Shell Hammer Shell Coconut Necklace BFJ1208NK

Pink 2-3mm coco heishe wire choker w/ buri & troca beads accent w/ 45mm pink hammershell flower pend..

Coconut Heishi Sigay Cowry Shell Flower Brown Coconut Necklace BFJ388NK

3 rows 2-3 coco heishe tiger/nat/brown w/ flower sigay..

Coconut Heishi Tiger Graduated 2-3 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ1430NK

Graduated 3 layer 2-3mm coco heishe tiger w/ hammershell nuggets..

Coconut Heishi Wood Beads 2-3 mm Wood Bracelets BFJ968BR

2 rows 2-3mm coco heishe tiger w/ wood beads alt...

Graywood 3 mm Heishi Gray Wood Beads - Tube and Heishe Wood Beads BFJ512WB

3mm greywood heishe..

Graywood 5 mm Heishi Gray Wood Beads - Tube and Heishe Wood Beads BFJ105WB

Greywood heishe 2x5mm..

Green 16 inches Coconut Heishi 4-5 mm Painted Coco Splashing Beads BFJ002SPL

4-5mm coco heishe green w/ splashing..

Green 16 inches Green Shell 4-5 mm Heishi Shell Heishe Shell Beads BFJ005HS

4-5mm green shell heishe..

Green 16 inches Hammer Shell Heishi 4-5 mm Dyed Shell Heishe Shell Beads BFJ012HS

4-5mm hammer shell green..

Hammer Shell Heishi 4-5 mm Rainbow Multi-Color Sea Shell Bracelets BFJ5373BR

4-5mm rainbow hammershell heishe w/ barrel lock..

Kamagong Wood 5 mm Heishi Ebony Tiger Hardwood Beads Strands Wood Beads - Tube and Heishe Wood Beads BFJ506WB

5mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood heishe..

Multi Row Aqua Marine Coconut Heishi Glass Beads Coconut Bracelets BFJ5210BR

Twisted 4 rows aquamarine 2-3mm coco heishe. 2 rows wood beads/3 rows cut green glass beads combi..

Multi Row Coconut Heishi Bayong Wood Palmwood Brown Wooden Necklaces BFJ2759NK

6 rows 2-3mm nat. brown coco heishe w/ asstd. looped bayong and palmwood beads / 16in..

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