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Mother of Pearl 40 mm Square Yellow MOP Pendants - Simple Cuts BFJ6249P

40mm square mop..

Mother of Pearl 40 mm Teardrop Yellow MOP Pendants - Simple Cuts BFJ6256P

40mmx34mm mop rounded teardrop..

Mother of Pearl 40 mm Yellow Dangling MOP Shell Earrings BFJ5071ER

40mmx12mm mop w/ skin..

Mother of Pearl 40 mm Yellow Ring MOP Pendants - Simple Cuts BFJ6207P

40mm mop ring w/ 18mm center hole..

Mother of Pearl 50 mm Resin Inlaid Yellow Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5095P

50mmx20mm inlaid back to back mop & black resin..

Mother of Pearl Flower 80 mm Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5053P

Mop flower scallop 80mm..

Mother of Pearl Hook 40 mm Yellow Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5223P

Hook mop 40mm..

Mother of Pearl MOP 50 mm Bar Yellow Shell Earrings BFJ5027ER

Dangling 50x7mm mop bar..

Mother of Pearl MOP Round 70 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ003BK

Round mop buckle 70mm..

Mother of Pearl MOP Yellow Set Jewelry 18 in necklace Bangles Earrings Set Jewelry BFJ077SJ

Set jewelry/ ordered individually as per item code / image for reference only/ all items can be orde..

Mother of Pearl Oval 40 mm Yellow Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5078P

Mop oval w/ skin 40mm..

Mother of Pearl Paua Abalone 40 mm Butterfly Carvings Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5631P

40mm butterfly mop w/ paua abalone accent..

Mother of Pearl Round 60 mm MOP Sarong Buckles BFJ009BK

Round mop buckle 60mm..

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