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The Lowest price of Necklace Shell Necklaces handmade Products. Wholesale Necklace Shell Necklaces in collection of beads, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants, earrings, home decorative, office decor item, company giveaways and corporate souvenirs.

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Hammer Shell Flower Lilac Tones Wax Cord Shell Necklace BFJ1122NK

Graduated lilac tones hammershell flower pendant in lilac wax cord..

Hammer Shell Leather 60 mm Leaf Shell Necklace BFJ316NK

Lavender leather thong w/ 60x32mm hammershell leaf pendant..

Hammer Shell Mint Green Glass Beads Multi Row Coconut Stones Shell Necklace BFJ2778NK

4 rows glass beads, 2-3mm coco pklt w/ stone nuggets, 2 pcs. rectangular 20mmx15mm mint green hammer..

Hammer Shell Multi-Color 40 mm Shell Necklace BFJ3414NK

Floating crazy cut multicolored hammershells w/ skin in varied sizes - 40mm/25mm/20mm / 30in..

Hammer Shell Pearls Multi Row Wax Cord Shell Necklace BFJ2480NK14

Cleopatra- dangling 20mm ( 23pcs.) multicolored hammershells w/ skin w/ metal & pearl beads accent i..

Hammer Shell Pink 36 inches Shell Necklace BFJ3470NK

Cleopatra/ 36 pcs. 20mm pink round hammershell rings in jump rings / 18 in w/ ext. chain..

Hammer Shell Pink Tones Flower Wax Cord Shell Necklace BFJ1121NK

Graduated pink tones hammershell flower pendant in pink wax cord..

Hammer Shell Round 20 inch Shell Necklace BFJ3469NK11

Customize (green) cleopatra/ 36 pcs. 20mm round hammershell rings in jump rings / 18 in w/ ext. ch..

Kabibe Shell 20 mm 18 inches Shell Necklace BFJ3470NK5

Customize (kabibe)cleopatra/ 36 pcs. 20mm round hammershell rings in jump rings / 18 in w/ ext. ch..

Kabibe Shell 28 inches Pearls Lavender Magic Wire Shell Necklace BFJ2302NK

Floating lavender kabibe shell nuggets in 3 graduated rows of magic wire 28" / 24" / 22" w/ pearl ..

Kabibe Shell 50 mm Satin Cord 40 inches Shell Necklace BFJ2444NK

10 pcs. 35mm round kabibe shells & 1pc. 50mm round kabibe shell center accent in satin double cord /..

Kabibe Shell 65 mm White Shell Necklace BFJ3382NK

4-5mm coco tiger pklt w/ crème moon shell /sig-id wood combi and 65mmx50mm teardrop kabibe pendan..

Kabibe Shell Flat Buri Seed Laminated Multi Row Shell Necklace BFJ3268NK

laminated kabibe 10mm flat round / buri tiger oval seed and resin cubes combi in 3 graduated rows o..

Kabibe Shell Fuschia Pink Glass Beads Multi Row Shell Necklace BFJ3534NK

60mm square kabibe shell pendant in six rows matching wax cord / glass beads/coco pklt and small kab..

Kabibe Shell Glass Beads Laminated 10 inch Olive Shell Necklace BFJ2690NK

Laminated 10mm round kabibe shells w/ glass beads / olive green tones..

Kabibe Shell Glass Beads Red Coconut Green 40 mm Shell Necklace BFJ3607NK

4-5mm coco pklt bleach white w/ red glass beads and white rose shell in green w/ matching 45mm round..

Kabibe Shell Kamagong Wood Soutache Cords 36 inches Laminated Shell Necklace BFJ3812NK

Looped laminated square kabibe shells w/ camagong tiger ebony hardwood combi and accents in soutache..

Kabibe Shell Laminated Brown Lip Shell Wax Cord Multi Row Shell Necklace BFJ3228NK

4 rows beige knotted wax cord w/ multicolored buri seed nuggets, wood beads, gold mouth shell and la..

Luhuanus Red Everlasting Natural 18 inches Shell Necklace BFJ673NK

Red everlasting luhuanus..

Mother-Of-Pearl 40 mm Leather Celtic Shell Necklace BFJ1417NK

40mm mop celtic hook on adjustable leather thong..

Mother-Of-Pearl 80 mm Flower Leather Shell Necklace BFJ297NK

Pink leather thong w/ 80mm mop scallop flower w/ groove pendant..

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