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The Lowest price of Necklace Shell Necklaces handmade Products. Wholesale Necklace Shell Necklaces in collection of beads, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants, earrings, home decorative, office decor item, company giveaways and corporate souvenirs.

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Mother-Of-Pearl Nickel-Free Silver Hoop Ring 40 mm Heart Shell Necklace BFJ545NK

Nickel-free silver hoop ring w/ 40mm heart mop..

Mother-Of-Pearl Teardrop Leather 45 mm Hammer Shell Shell Necklace BFJ2998NK

Black leather thong w/ teardrop pendant - hammershell and mop laminated in 45mmx30mm clear resin w/ ..

Natural 18 inches Luhuanus Red Everlasting Glass Beads Coconut Natural Shell Necklace BFJ1546NK

Red everlasting luhuanus w/ glass beads & 2-3mm black coco pklt. combi..

Paua Abalone Leather Stick 70 mm 18 inches Shell Necklace BFJ3412NK

Cleopatra choker in leather thong w/ 13pcs. clear gray resin sticks in w/ paua top accent / 55mmx5m..

Pink Rose Shell Orange Frog Shell Black Tab Shell 55 mm Oval Shell Necklace BFJ3370NK

4-5mm black coco pklt w/ orange frog shells / sq. cut blackpen /pink rose shells combi and 55mmx45..

White 18 inches White Rose Square Cut Natural Shell Necklace BFJ120NK

White rose plain sq.cut..

White Rose Dyed Lilac White 18 inches Shell Necklace BFJ670NK

White rose w/ dyed lilac white rose accent..

White Rose Green Dyed 18 inches White Shell Necklace BFJ3722NK

Multicolored white rose/ puka shells / barrel lock / 18in..

White Rose Multi Row Textured Wood Beads 36 inches Shell Necklace BFJ2896NK

3 rows green glass beads w/ white rose splashing/texture marbled 15mm round wood beads accent and ..

White Rose Multi-Color 18 inches Shell Necklace BFJ3739NK

Multicolored white rose/ puka shells / barrel lock / 18in..

White Rose Pastel Dyed White 18 inches Shell Necklace BFJ667NK

White rose in pastels..

White Rose Pink 18 inches Dyed Shell Necklace BFJ362NK

White rose and 3 tone pink shade alternates..

White Rose Square Mongo Green Shell Kabibe Shell Leaf Shell Necklace BFJ3281NK

White rose shell square and crazt cut, mongo shell combi w/ 65mmx35mm kabibe leaf shell pendant / w..

White Rose Violet Dyed 18 inches Multi-Color White Purple Shell Necklace BFJ3719NK

Multicolored white rose/ puka shells / barrel lock / 18in..

White Shell Glass Beads 36 inches Pink Shell Necklace BFJ1870NK

Scarf necklace - 7 rows light pink glass beads w/ tassled white clam / 36 in...

White Shell Painted Graduated 18 inches Shell Necklace BFJ005NK

Graduated white clam w/ splashing/gold rings..

Yellow adjustable Mother-Of-Pearl 45 mm Round Leather Thong Shell Necklace BFJ243NK

Leather thong w/ 45mm mop round w/ bone..

Yellow adjustable Mother-Of-Pearl Teardrop Leather Thong 45 mm Shell Necklace BFJ244NK

Leather thong w/ h=45mm mop teardrop pendant..

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