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Red 16 inches Coconut Pokalet 7-8 mm Dyed Coco Pokalet Beads BFJ023PT

7-8mm coco pokalet red..

Red 4-5 mm Coconut Heishi Painted Coco Heishe Beads BFJ029SPL

4-5mm coco heishe reddish pink w/ splashing..

Red 4-5 mm Coconut Pokalet Painted Coco Pokalet Beads BFJ032SPL

4-5mm coco pklt. rich red w/ splashing..

Red Macrame thread Coconut adjustable Macrame Hand Painted BRACELETS - MACRAME BFJ5245BR

Macrame coco id bracelet w/ flower painting / single color thread code=but22-red / specify customize..

Red Wood 5 mm Heishi Natural Wood Beads - Tube and Heishe Wood Beads BFJ107WB

Redwood heishe 2x5mm..

Red Wood Twist 30 mm Natural Beads Strands Wood Beads - Twisted Wood Beads BFJ470WB

30mmx40mmx6mm redwood / sibucao twisted / 10 pcs..

Sibucao Red Wood Red 12 mm Elongated Wood Beads Dice and Sided Wood Beads BFJ503WB

12mmx5m redwood / sibucao elongated 3 sided / 34 pcs..

Stainless Steel Paua Abalone Laminated 1 inch 65 mm Luhuanus Red Everlasting iridescent Bangles - Shell Bangles BFJ110BL

Laminated inlaid paua /red luhuanus alt. in 1 inch stainless metal / 65mm in diameter..

Wax Cord Macrame Luhuanus Red Everlasting Natural Black BRACELETS - MACRAME BFJ5374BR

Wax cord macrames w/ luhuanus shell / paired duo..

White Rose Dyed 18 inches Yellow Blue Red White Puka Shell Necklace BFJ3717NK

Multicolored white rose/ puka shells / barrel lock / 18in..

White Rose Luhuanus Red Everlasting Natural Sea Shell Bracelets BFJ672BR

White rose w/ everlasting luhuanus accent..

White Rose Multi Row Textured Wood Beads 36 inches Shell Necklace BFJ2896NK

3 rows green glass beads w/ white rose splashing/texture marbled 15mm round wood beads accent and ..

White Rose White Luhuanus Red Everlasting Set Jewelry 18 in necklace 7.5 Bracelets Earrings Set Jewelry BFJ025SJ

Set jewelry/ ordered individually as per item code / image for reference only/ all items can be orde..

White Rose Yellow Dyed 18 inches Multi-Color Red Blue White Puka Shell Necklace BFJ3720NK

Multicolored white rose/ puka shells / barrel lock / 18in..

White Rose Yellow Dyed 18 inches Red Green Orange Multi-Color Puka Shell Necklace BFJ3718NK

Multicolored white rose/ puka shells / barrel lock / 18in..

White Wood Coated 25 mm Red Painted Beads Strands Wood Beads - Painted Wood Beads BFJ394WB

25mm nat. wood beads in high gloss paint / red / 15 pcs..

White Wood Red 20 mm Round Wrapped Per Piece Rafia Wood Beads - Round Wood Beads BFJ318WB

15mm natural white round wood beads wrapped in red raffia / price per piece..

White Wood Round Dyed Red 10 mm Beads Strands Wood Beads - Painted Wood Beads BFJ284WB

10mm natural white round wood beads dyed in red..

Wine 16 inches Coconut Flower 10 mm Dyed Coco Dyed colored beads BFJ003FL

10mm coco flower beads wine colored..

Wood Stained Red Coated 64 mm x 24 mm x 5 mm Chrome Keychain IPHONE ANDROID ACCESSORY BFJ074KC

Natural wood stained in red with semi gloss top coat phone stand in chrome keychain 64mm x 24mm x 5m..

Wood Textured Coconut Heishi Painted 50 mm Flat Round/Coin Bleached White Brown Wooden Necklaces BFJ2393NK

2-3mm bleach white coco heishe w assorted wood beads in textured brush paint w/ dangling tassled 50m..

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