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Japanese Maki e Art Painting Jewelry

Unique Japanese Art Natural Jewelry


Bedido offers you Elegant and Classic Japanese fashion accessories.   Painted on Wood and Shells.  Women’s fashion earrings, bangles and pendants.  Materials used are from Japan – Metallic Powder and Cashew Paint.


Hand Painted Japanese Art Earrings.

Painted on Mother of Pearl Shell, Hammershell, Black Lip, Brown Lip and White Kabibe Shells Earrings.  Can also be painted on natural wood like Ebony, Kamagong,  Robles Ladies Earrings and any requested tropical wood from the Philippines.

Japanese Art in Pendants

Nature inspired design natural made pendants.   Wonderful paintings of flowers, birds, trees and leaves.  Pendants can be in various shapes like round, oval, teardrop and rectangular.


Japanese Hand Painted Maki-E art Bangles

Handmade Painted in Natural Wood Bangles.  Export quality and furniture gloss quality bangles.  PolyUrethane Top Coated.  Can be worn in the beach and have a dive.



To view more of our Japanese Maki-e Art Collection,  Please visit our site and create and account.

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