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Classic Handmade Natural Earrings

Ladies Handmade Fashion Earrings

A great add-on to your earrings collection are quality handmade natural made fashion earrings. Most of us already own several gold and silver accessories. Now is the time to explore some fashion trends by wearing these unique natural accessories from the Philippines.


Europeans and Americans are big fans of natural made jewellery.   Asian are more into extravagant and would prefer gold and luxury items.  But once they tried experimenting accessories with combination of wood, shell and other indigenous materials, they love it!  Earrings are saleable than other natural jewelry since it can be worn to any weather season.


Common type of designs are dangling, chandelier and button with classic shapes like round, oval, square and hearts.   Seashells like mother of pearl, paua abalone, black lip, brown lip, MOP, puka, conus, luhuanus and hammer shells are used in shell earrings.   Tropical wood like Bayong, Robles, Camagong, Nangka, Ambabawd ( Natural white wood), Tiger Kamagong (Ebony), Gray Wood, Palm Wood and Patikan are used in wooden earrings.  There are also bone and horn materials used.   Most are combined with natural beads and acrylic crystal beads.


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