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Private Labeling Co Branding Fashion Accessories


Private Label Selling with your own brand or name?  Yes, We do offer private label.   Build a strong business model with a brand name.   Co-Branding, Distributors, retails shop and fashion brands will benefit from private labeling.  Whether small or large fashion companies we deliver satisfactory high quality fashion …

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Confused with Puka Shell


Puka Shell Information on the famous beach necklace or surfer necklace known as Puka shell necklace.  Many only stores are claiming, offering you authentic puka shell jewelry.   They are confusing the buyer by actually offering them the cheaper white rose necklace.  There are different types of puka shells,   …

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Wooden Bangles – All Year Fashion Accessory


Wooden Bangles Quality wood bangles that will last forever.  The best fashion accessory for your all year round accessory – plain wood bangles, unfinished wooden bracelets, stained wood jewelry, wholesale handmade bangles, hand painted, top coated and varnished bracelet bangles.                   Bangles …

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