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Philippines Silver rims dangling natural capiz shell chandelier..

Handcrafted Round robles wood beads 5mm..

Handmade "kalandrakas"- tassled asstd. wood beads per necklace when ordered in wax cord / 32 in..

Lowest price Cannabis shape 35mm antique carabao bone in 2 rows braided adjustable wax cord..

Wholesale sea shell pendants 7-8 mm green coco pokalet..

Tropical 2-3mm coco pokalet natural white..

Wholesale sea shell pendants Mop boomerang 105mmx25mm..

Custom made Red everlasting red luhuanus..

Philippines Rasta / 3-4mm coco black pklt w/ wood ricebeads combi and bone sufboard pendant / 18in..

Quality Dangling mop/black tab/black lip leaf & acrylic crystals on on metal chain and wax cord..

Natural Blacklip lizard 50mm..

Tropical 4-5mm pklt brown tones..

Handmade 50mmx20mm inlaid back to back mop & black resin..

Handmade White rose w/ everlasting luhuanus accent..

2-3mm coco pokalet aqua blue..

Wood tube w/ oval blue wood and 4-5mm coco pklt...

Wholesale sea shell pendants White rose w/ pink rose accent..

Natural Bleach/bright green wood tube w/ 4-5mm blk/.bleach coco pklt alt..

Cebu Nat. white wood teardrop 35mmx16mm..

"nat. white wood" pokalet 4x10mm / 75pcs. per 16 in. str...

Pink rose..

Wholesale sea shell pendants 30mmx30mmx5mm square w/ round edges natural white wood face to face w/ 15mm center hole / 14 pcs. / ..

Natural 4-5mm rasta design dominant black..

Custom made 5 rows 2-3m coco pklt/2-3heishe combi and cut glass beads/elastic/ center knot..

2-3mm coco pklt. nat. brown w/ dangling coco flowers..

Latest designs of Beach bum series / elastic hardwood beads - mentos bayong 7x11mm..

Elegant 4-5mm rainbow hammershell heishe w/ barrel lock..

Popcorn luhuanus in gold chain looping..

Cebu 50mm round coco pendant w/ tiger burning design..

Philippines White rose..

Handcrafted Laminated inlaid paua /hammershell nat. white alt. in 1 inch stainless metal / 65mm in diameter..

Tropical 4-5 mango yellow coco heishe..

Handmade 4-5mm coco pokalet black..

Handmade 40mmx12mm blacktab bar..

Wholesale sea shell pendants Troca peanut..

Cebu 40mmx27mm rectangular blacklip..

40mmx35mm natural bone elongated clam..

Custom made 4 layers monogram blue capiz shell chandelier 15 in. x 43 in...

Tropical Natural capiz nat. white lotus candle holder /w=7in base=2.8 in h= 2.8 in / big..

Custom made Set jewelry/ ordered individually as per item code / image for reference only/ all items can be orde..

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