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Multi Row Coconut Black Choker Coconut Necklace BFJ593NK

3 layer 4-5mm black coco choker / 14 inches w/ extender chain..

Multi Row Coconut Heishi Bayong Wood Palmwood Brown Wooden Necklaces BFJ2759NK

6 rows 2-3mm nat. brown coco heishe w/ asstd. looped bayong and palmwood beads / 16in..

Multi Row Coconut Heishi Brown Yellow Wax Cord Coconut Necklace BFJ2781NK

3 rows wax cord, yellow and nat. brown 2-3mm coco heishe w/ hanging 6pcs. 25mm square polished nat. ..

Multi Row Coconut Pokalet Glass Beads Coconut Necklace BFJ2141NK

10 rows 4-5mm coco pklt. in graduated flat layers w/ glass beads & wood combi / 38 in...

Multi Row Coconut Pokalet Glass Beads Multi-Color Coconut Necklace BFJ839NK

5 rows 2-3mm coco pklt natural w/ multicolored glass beads..

Multi Row Coconut Pokalet Magic Wire Coconut Necklace BFJ760NK

10 rows floating 2-3mm coco pokalet bleach in magic wire..

Multi Row Coconut Pokalet Pastel Pink Magic Wire 2-3 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ1499NK

10 rows floating 2-3mm coco pokalet pastel pink in magic wire..

Multi Row Coconut Side Drill Natural Brown Coconut Necklace BFJ1817NK

3 layers 10mm coco siderill natural brown..

Multi Row Elastic Coconut Beads Natural White 40 mm Coconut Bracelets BFJ5106BR

10 layers elastic 2-3mm coco pklt. nat. white w/ 40mm round handpainted coco..

Multi Row Glass Beads Wood Coconut Pokalet Acrylic Crystals Coconut Necklace BFJ529NK

Multi layered lavender graduated tones coco pklt/heishe w/ acrylic crystals/glass and wood beads..

Multi Row Orange Coconut Pokalet 2-3 mm Coconut Bracelets BFJ5004BR

5 rows 2-3m coco pklt orange tones elastic..

Multi Row Peach Coconut Side Drill Coconut Necklace BFJ1569NK

3 layers 10mm peach coco sidedrill..

Multi Row Pink Coconut Pearls Glass Beads Coconut Necklace BFJ2108NK

5 rows 10mm pink coco ,glass beads and pearls combi..

Multi Row Red Navy Blue Mustard Green Coconut Pokalet Coconut Necklace BFJ1570NK

5 layers 4-5mm coco pklt. red/navy blue/mustard/light green/nat. brown combi..

Multi Row Wood Beads Robles Wood Stick Patched Leaves Nangka Wood Coconut Wooden Necklaces BFJ3526NK

3 graduated rows 5mmwood bead/nat. wood heishe w/ coco sticks and 3pcs. bayong/nat. wood/robles/nang..

Multi-Color Coconut Pokalet Elastic Coconut Bracelets BFJ5001BR

Multicolored elastic coco pklt...

Mustard 16 inches Coconut Stick 1.5 inch Dyed Coco Stick Beads BFJ013CSPS

Coco indian stick 1 1/2 inch / mustard..

Natural 16 inches Coconut Square Cut 8 mm Coco Square Cut Beads BFJ003CSQ

Coco square cut nat. white 8x8mm..

Natural 18 inches Luhuanus Red Everlasting Glass Beads Coconut Natural Shell Necklace BFJ1546NK

Red everlasting luhuanus w/ glass beads & 2-3mm black coco pklt. combi..

Natural Brown 16 inches Coconut Heishi 2-3 mm Natural Coco Heishe Beads BFJ001CH_V5

2-3mm coco heishe natural brown..

Natural Brown 16 inches Coconut Heishi 4-5 mm Natural Coco Heishe Beads BFJ002CH_V2

4-5mm coco heishe natural brown..

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