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Bleached White 16 inches Coconut Flower 10 mm Bleached Coco Flower Beads BFJ005FL

Coco flower bleached white 10mm..

Bleached White 16 inches Coconut Graduated 4-5 mm Natural Coco Heishe Beads BFJ005CH

Coco heishe bleached white graduated..

Bleached White 16 inches Coconut Pokalet 2-3 mm Bleached Coco Pokalet Beads BFJ001PT_V3

2-3mm coco pokalet bleach..

Bleached White 16 inches Coconut Square Cut 6 x 6 mm Bleached Coco Square Cut Beads BFJ007CSQ

Coco square cut topdrill bleached white 6x6mm..

Coconut Beads Bleached White Multi Row Side Drill Acrylic Crystals Coconut Bracelets BFJ484BR

3 rows sidedrill coco nat./bleach/wood bead bleach/wood ricebeads and acrylic crystals..

Coconut Beads Brown Maroon Bleached White 7-8 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ014NK

7-8mm pklt bleach wht/brwn/maroon..

Coconut Graduated Side Drill Bleached White 7-8 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ2380NK

7-8mm coco pklt. bleach white w/ 3 graduated rows bleach white 10mm coco sidedrill and 20mm round bu..

Coconut Heishi Bleached White Glass Beads Multi Row 2-3 mm Coconut Bracelets BFJ117BR

3 rows 2-3 coco heishe bleached w/ glass beads..

Coconut Heishi Blue Red Bleached White 7-8 mm Elastic Coconut Bracelets BFJ5017BR

7-8mm coco heishe blue/red/bleach combi elastic..

Coconut Pokalet 7-8 mm Tiger Bleached White Coconut Necklace BFJ013NK

7-8mm coco pklt bleach wht/tiger brown combination..

Coconut Pokalet Multi Row 2-3 mm Black Bleached White Brown Nassa White Shell Coconut Necklace BFJ387NK

3 rows 2-3 pokalet black/bleach/brown w/ nassa/sig-ed..

Coconut Round 50 mm Bleached White Pendants - Coco Pendants BFJ5380P

Round 50mm coco bleach w/ handpainted design/embossed..

Multi Row Blue Lavender Black Pokalet Bleached White Glass Beads Coconut Coconut Bracelets BFJ5035BR

5 rows 2-3mm blue/lavender/black coco pklt bleached/glass beads combi..

White Wood Bleached White Wax Cord Light Blue 10 mm Wood Bracelets BFJ5370BR

10m round bleached white nat. wood in light blue wax cord..

Wood Beads Bleached White Powder Blue Tube Coconut 4-5 mm Dyed Wooden Necklaces BFJ511NK

Bleach/powder blue wood tube w/ 4-5mm blk/.bleach coco pklt alt..

Wood Textured Coconut Heishi Painted 50 mm Flat Round/Coin Bleached White Brown Wooden Necklaces BFJ2393NK

2-3mm bleach white coco heishe w assorted wood beads in textured brush paint w/ dangling tassled 50m..

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