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Black Lip Shell Carvings Lizards 50 mm Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5152P

Blacklip lizard 50mm..

Bone 40 mm Carvings Natural White Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5605P

40mm grooved nat. white bone..

Bone Natural White 35 mm Carvings Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5620P

35mm natural white bone w/ groove..

Bone Square 35 mm Carvings Natural White Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5618P

35mmx35mm square white bone w/ groove..

Hammer Shell Flower Carvings Pink 40 mm Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5503P

Graduated pink 40mm hammershell flower w/ grooved nectar..

Horn Aztec Natural 45 mm Carvings Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5198P

Aztec carving natural horn 45mm..

Horn Carvings Antique Natural Aztec 45 mm Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5197P

Aztec carving antique natural horn 45mm..

Horn Diamond Natural 40 mm Carvings Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5200P

400mm diamond horn w/ natural carving..

Horn Flower Carvings 40 mm Antique Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5195P

Natural horn flower w/ groove 40mm..

Horn Heart 35 mm Natural Carvings Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5174P

Carved horn heart 35mm..

Leather Thong Dragon adjustable 40 mm Carvings Necklace - Surfer BFJ717NK

Mop dragon leather thong 41x25mm..

Mother of Pearl Paua Abalone 40 mm Butterfly Carvings Pendants - Shell Pendants BFJ5631P

40mm butterfly mop w/ paua abalone accent..

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