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2-3mm coco heishe black

2-3mm coco heishe black..

Black 16 inches Black Pen Shell Heishi 3-4 mm Shell Heishe Shell Beads BFJ016HS

3-4 mm blackpen heishe..

Black 16 inches Black Pen Shell Heishi 7-8 mm Shell Heishe Shell Beads BFJ017HS

7-8mm black pen heishe..

Black 16 inches Coconut Heishi 4-5 mm Dyed Coco Dyed colored beads BFJ002CH_V5

4-5mm coco heishe black..

Black 16 inches Coconut Heishi 7-8 mm Dyed Coco Heishe Beads BFJ013CH_V4

7-8mm coco heishe black..

Black 7-8 mm Coconut Heishi Painted Coco Heishe Beads BFJ028SPL

7-8mm coco heishe black w/ splashing..

Blue 4-5 mm Coconut Heishi Painted Coco Heishe Beads BFJ030SPL

4-5mm coco heishe blue w/ splashing..

Blue Green Shell 16 inches Heishi Shell Heishe Shell Beads BFJ027HS

Green shell heishe dyed in blue..

Brown Brown Lip Shell 16 inches Heishi Shell Heishe Shell Beads BFJ024HS

2-3mm heishe brownpin heishe..

Brown Coconut Beads 2-3 mm Heishi Tiger Wood Beads 44 inches Multi Row Coconut Necklace BFJ1901NK

Scarf necklace - 6 rows 2-3mm coco heishe tiger w/ 8mm asstd. round wood beads accent / 44 in...

Coconut 4-5 mm Heishi Brown Natural Coconut Bracelets BFJ5018BR

4-5mm coco heishe nat brown/bleach alt...

Coconut Beads Buri Seed Palmwood 2-3 mm Heishi Coconut Bracelets BFJ5099BR

2-3mm coco heishe nat. white hoop wire bracelet/adjustable w/ buri & palmwood beads..

Coconut Beads Coconut Heishi Elastic Brown 2-3 mm Coconut Bracelets BFJ5043BR

5 in one 2-3m brown tones coco pklt / heishe elastic..

Coconut Heishi 4-5 mm Black Red Green Multi-Color Khaki Coconut Necklace BFJ049NK

4-5mm coco heishe black/khaki grn/red combination..

Coconut Heishi 7-8 mm Lime Green Red Mango Yellow Coconut Necklace BFJ161NK

7-8 coco heishe / lime green / red/ mango yellow / turq. blue..

Coconut Heishi Bleached White Glass Beads Multi Row 2-3 mm Coconut Bracelets BFJ117BR

3 rows 2-3 coco heishe bleached w/ glass beads..

Coconut Heishi Blue Red Bleached White 7-8 mm Elastic Coconut Bracelets BFJ5017BR

7-8mm coco heishe blue/red/bleach combi elastic..

Coconut Heishi Brown Red Orange Black Multi-Color 4-5 mm Coconut Necklace BFJ043NK

4-5mm coco heishe natural brown/red/orange/black..

Coconut Heishi Cleopatra Coconut Necklace BFJ423NK

Cascading 2-3mm coco heishe/cleopatra..

Coconut Heishi Coconut Beads 4-5 mm Natural Brown Coconut Necklace BFJ150NK

4-5 coco heishe bleach / nat. brown..

Coconut Heishi Coconut Beads Wood Golden Brown Buri Seed Multi Row Wooden Necklaces BFJ2562NK

3 layers 2-3mm coco heishe w/ buri tiger nuggets and round 60mm wood oendant in golden brown tones..

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