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The Lowest price of Sarong Buckles handmade Products. Wholesale Sarong Buckles in collection of beads, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants, earrings, home decorative, office decor item, company giveaways and corporate souvenirs.

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Black Lip Shell Round 60 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ010BK

Round blacklip buckle 60mm..

Black Lip Shell Round 70 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ005BK

Round blacklip buckle 70mm..

Black Lip Shell Scallop 60 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ004BK

Scallop blacklip buckle 60mm..

Black Lip Shell Scallop 70 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ007BK

Scallop blacklip buckle 70mm..

Black Tab Shell Rectangular 69 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ006BK

Rectangular blacktab buckle 69mmx57mm..

Brown Lip Shell Oval Scallop 84 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ001BK

Oval scallop brownlip buckle 84mmx69mm..

Brown Lip Tiger Oval 84 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ002BK

Oval brownlip tiger buckle 84mmx69mm..

Mother of Pearl MOP Round 70 mm Sarong Buckles BFJ003BK

Round mop buckle 70mm..

Mother of Pearl Round 60 mm MOP Sarong Buckles BFJ009BK

Round mop buckle 60mm..

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