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Women’s Natural Shell Necklaces Jewelry


Philippines Shell Necklaces A must have for every women’s fashion accessory.   The finest specimen of known shells like mother of pearl also know as MOP, Black Lip shell, Brown Lip shell and Kabibe white shell.  Cut and Polished patiently to perfection. We are manufacturer of handmade fashion jewelry and …

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The Best Natural Jewelry of all Time


Late eighties was the entry of the natural fashion jewelry industry.  It was also called the heishe years.   Heishe is a special bead cut (cylindrical shape of beads).  Here are few of the famous natural fashion jewelry style and still famously worn by the generation x and the millenials today. …

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Natural Fashion Jewelry Promo Discount


Bedido is having a promo – 10% Off on all handmade products including shell jewelry, wooden jewelry, coconut jewelry, natural beads, pendants, earrings, teens fashion, unisex accessory, beach wear, arts and crafts supplies, gifts and home decorative items.  Use code BFJLUV upon checkout.  Hurry limited time offer only. Complete your …

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