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Black Lip Shell Dangling Heart 20 mm Black Shell Earrings BFJ5093ER

Dangling triple hearts blacklip 20mm..

Black Tab Shell Bar Dangling Horn Black Shell Earrings BFJ5031ER

Dangling 40x10mm black tab bar w/ horn bead accent earrings..

Brown Lip Shell Bar Horn Glass Beads Dangling 40 mm Brown Shell Earrings BFJ5030ER

Dangling 40x10mm brownlip tiger bar w/ horn bead accent earrings..

Dangling 50 mm Black White Wood Dyed Wood Earrings BFJ5524ER

Dangling 50mm round nat. black wood w/ 20mm inner hole and dangling 45mm 7pcs. rounded wood sticks..

Dangling Banana Bark Round 35 mm Laminated Brown Wood Earrings BFJ5702ER

Dangling earrings / 35mm round laminated wood w/ banana bark w/ 12mm hole..

Dangling Bayong Wood 35 mm Diamond Wood Earrings BFJ5344ER

Dangling 35mmx20mm bayong wood..

Dangling Black Lip Shell Bar 35 mm Black Shell Earrings BFJ5040ER

Dangling black lip bar 35mmx10mm..

Dangling Black Lip Shell Scallop Horn 35 mm Black Shell Earrings BFJ5102ER

Dangling 35mm grooved scallop blacklip w/ hanging shell & horn beads..

Dangling Brown Lip Shell 25 mm Leaf Brown Shell Earrings BFJ5091ER

Dangling double leaf brownlip 25mm..

Dangling Brown Lip Shell Teardrop Horn Acrylic Crystals 18 mm Brown Shell Earrings BFJ703ER

Dangling brownlip 27mmx18mm teardrop w/ crystal nuggets & horn beads..

Dangling Cowrie Tiger Shell Stick Tiger Shell Earrings BFJ490ER

Cowrie stick dangling earrings..

Dangling Graywood Bone 30 mm Square Wood Earrings BFJ5646ER

Dangling 30mm greywood/carabao bone combi..

Dangling Hammer Shell Leaf 40 mm Natural Shell Earrings BFJ5067ER

40mm leaf hammershell w/ skin..

Dangling Kabibe Shell Wood Beads Oval 30 mm Gold Brown Wood Earrings BFJ5606ER

Dangling 30mmx20mm oval laminated golden amber kabibe shell rings w/ wood beads accent..

Dangling Kabibe Shell Wood Resin Black Lip Shell Laminated 35 mm Heart Wood Earrings BFJ5573ER

Dangling 35mmx42mm heart kabibe w/ laminated wood grain / blacklip combi w/resin backing..

Dangling Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Ring 35 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5342ER

Dangling 35mmx5mm ring camagong tiger wood..

Dangling Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Square 35 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5346ER

Dangling 35mm camagong tiger wood rounded flat square..

Dangling Kamagong Wood Ring 45 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5572ER

Dangling camagong tiger round ring 45mmx9mm / thickness=5mm..

Dangling Laminated Printed White Wood Teardrop 38 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5747ER

Eclectic fusion / 38mmx23mm dangling wooden teardrop earring wrapped in navajo tribalprinted parchme..

Dangling Luhuanus Green Everlasting Natural Shell Earrings BFJ673ER

Dangling everlasting luhuanus..

Dangling Luhuanus Red Everlasting Wood Resin Black Lip Shell Laminated 40 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5575ER

Dangling 40mmx27mm laminated everlasting luhuanus w/ wood grain/blacklip combi w/ black resin backin..

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