Shell Pendants Handmade Products

Affordable shell pendants. Manufacturer wholesale shell pendants We can also do your own custom design. Handmade Custom Shell pendants handmade products, shell pendants natural made, shell pendants jewelry, shell pendants beads, pendants, earrings, necklace, home decorative item, office decor, cheapest shell pendants manufacturer, shell pendants supplier, exported products, natural made of sea-shells wood coconut and other natural made components. Any ideas in mind? we can help you make it happen. Just leave us a Message

Elegant 70mm blacktab gumamela scallop..

Philippines 40mmx12mm blacklip bar..

Handmade 40mmx29mm blacklip diamond..

Quality 40mm blacklip ring w/ 18mm center hole..

40mmx30mm blacklip oval..

Philippines 40mmx27mm rectangular blacklip..

40mm round blacklip w/ 16mm hole..

Handcrafted 40mm square blacklip w/ 15mm center hole..

Shell pendants 40mm square blacklip..

Cheapest 40mmx34mm blacklip rounded teardrop..

Latest designs of Blacklip lizard 50mm..

Tropical 40mm flower blacklip..

Manufacturer Blacklip leaf 15mm..

Cebu Blacklip teardrop w/ design 50mm..

Cebu 40mmx12mm blacktab bar..

Handmade 40mm blacktab ring w/ 18mm center hole..

Lowest price 40mmx29mm blacktab diamond..

Custom made 40mmx30mm blacktab oval..

Quality 40mmx27mm rectangular blacktab..

Handmade 40mm round blacktab w/ 16mm hole..

Natural 40mm square blacktab w/ 15mm center hole..

Custom made 40mm square blacktab..

Natural 40mmx34mm blacktab rounded teardrop..

Yin yang blacktab and kabibe 40 mm..

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