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Black Lip Shell Leaves Pearls Glass Beads 30 mm 35 mm Mother-Of-Pearl Shell Necklace BFJ2849NK

2 rows rainbow glass beads w/ pearl accent and dangling 2 pcs 30mm & 2 pcs 35mm mop flowers and 2pcs..

Bone Antique Leaf 35 mm Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5616P

35mmx25mm golden burn bone leaf..

Bone Natural White 35 mm Carvings Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5620P

35mm natural white bone w/ groove..

Bone Round 35 mm Natural White Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5569P

35mm round grooved natural white bone..

Bone Square 35 mm Carvings Natural White Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5618P

35mmx35mm square white bone w/ groove..

Brown Rosewood Flower 35 mm Pendants - Wooden Pendants BFJ5209P

Wood rose 35mm..

Cannabis Carabao Horn Wax Cord adjustable 35 mm Necklace - Surfer BFJ3614NK

Cannabis shape 35mm antique carabao bone in 2 rows braided adjustable wax cord..

Cowrie Tiger Shell Elastic Rectangular 35 mm Tiger Bangles - Shell Bangles BFJ093BL

Rectangular 35mmx25mm cowrie shell elastic bangle..

Dangling Banana Bark Round 35 mm Laminated Brown Wood Earrings BFJ5702ER

Dangling earrings / 35mm round laminated wood w/ banana bark w/ 12mm hole..

Dangling Bayong Wood 35 mm Diamond Wood Earrings BFJ5344ER

Dangling 35mmx20mm bayong wood..

Dangling Black Lip Shell Bar 35 mm Black Shell Earrings BFJ5040ER

Dangling black lip bar 35mmx10mm..

Dangling Black Lip Shell Scallop Horn 35 mm Black Shell Earrings BFJ5102ER

Dangling 35mm grooved scallop blacklip w/ hanging shell & horn beads..

Dangling Kabibe Shell Wood Resin Black Lip Shell Laminated 35 mm Heart Wood Earrings BFJ5573ER

Dangling 35mmx42mm heart kabibe w/ laminated wood grain / blacklip combi w/resin backing..

Dangling Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Ring 35 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5342ER

Dangling 35mmx5mm ring camagong tiger wood..

Dangling Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Square 35 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5346ER

Dangling 35mm camagong tiger wood rounded flat square..

Dangling Mother of Pearl MOP Celtic 35 mm Yellow Shell Earrings BFJ5054ER

Dangling celtic 35mm mop w/ crystal nuggets..

Dangling Robles Wood Ring 35 mm Wood Earrings BFJ5372ER

Dangling 35mm robles wood ring..

Ebony Tiger Square Kamagong Wood 20 inches 35 mm Waxed Wooden Necklaces BFJ3172NK

35mmx35mmx5mm square w/ round edges camagong tiger ebony hardwood face to face w/ 12mm center hole ..

Flower Bayong Wood 35 mm Pendants - Wooden Pendants BFJ5065P

Bayong wood flower 35mm..

Hammer Shell Flower 35 mm Pink Shell Earrings BFJ5077ER

35mm pink hammershell flower..

Horn Fang 35 mm Natural Pendants - Bone Horn Pendants BFJ5175P

Horn fang 35mm..

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