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The Lowest price of Wooden Necklaces handmade Products. Wholesale Wooden Necklaces in collection of beads, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants, earrings, home decorative, office decor item, company giveaways and corporate souvenirs.

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Bayong Wood Twist Resin Gold Coconut 4-5 mm 10 mm Wooden Necklaces BFJ2262NK

4-5mm coco pklt nat. w/ 10mmx17mm twisted bayong wood beads & matte gold resin beads..

Black Slide Cut Wood Beads 8 mm Magic Wire Waxed 18 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ2104NK

Black nat. wood slidecut 8mmx15mmx20mm in magic wire w/ 2" extender chain..

Black Wood Beads Slice Melon Multi Row Wax Cord 20 x 20 mm Wooden Necklaces BFJ1948NK

3 rows wax cord w/ 20mmx20mm nat. wood sliced melon in black..

Bronze 36 inches Coconut Beads Wax Cord Graduated Lumbang Kukui Nut Seed Wooden Necklaces BFJ1927NK

3 layers graduated wax cord 36in./ 34in/30in w / coco chips & round bronze kukui..

Brown White Wood Dyed Assorted Shapes 18 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ1069NK

Natural wood beads dyed in brown color..

Brown Wood Beads Wax Cord 32 inches Waxed Wooden Necklaces BFJ1914NK

"kalandrakas"- tassled asstd. wood beads per necklace when ordered in wax cord / 32 in..

Cleopatra Wood Stick Robles Wood Bayong Wood Kamagong Wood Wooden Necklaces BFJ3410NK

Cleopatra choker 4 kinds of 27pcs. graduated wood sticks - bayong/robles/nangka/camagong in wax co..

Coconut Heishi Coconut Beads Wood Golden Brown Buri Seed Multi Row Wooden Necklaces BFJ2562NK

3 layers 2-3mm coco heishe w/ buri tiger nuggets and round 60mm wood oendant in golden brown tones..

Ebony Tiger Kamagong Wood Disc 20 inches Waxed 36 x 5 mm Wooden Necklaces BFJ3175NK

36mmx5mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood disc w/ antique t-locks / 12 pcs / 20in..

Ebony Tiger Square Kamagong Wood 20 inches 35 mm Waxed Wooden Necklaces BFJ3172NK

35mmx35mmx5mm square w/ round edges camagong tiger ebony hardwood face to face w/ 12mm center hole ..

Glass Beads Wood Beads Multi Row Coconut Beads with Print Desgin Print Hammer Shell Wooden Necklaces BFJ3699NK

Eclectic fusion collection / 3 layers hammershell heishe rainbow/coco flowers/pink 2-3mm coco pklt/..

Graduated Multi-Color Dyed 30 inches Wood Beads Wooden Necklaces BFJ2178NK

Multicolored graduated nat. wood beads / 30 in...

Green Yellow Lumbang Kukui Nut Seed Wood Beads Wax Cord 36 inches Painted Wooden Necklaces BFJ1799NK

36 in. tassled wax cord w/ painted marbled & asstd. wood beads w/ colored kukui nut / green/yellow ..

Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Cleopatra Natural 18 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ3800NK

Camagong tiger ebony hardwood cleopatra choker / 18in..

Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Hardwood Bayong Wood Slide Cut Multi Row Natural 36 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ3826NK

3 graduated layers camagong tiger ebony hardwood and bayong wood slide cut combi / 36in..

Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Hardwood Flat Round/Coin Soutache Cords Natural 36 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ3807NK

Looped camagong tiger ebony hardwood flat round disc with accents in soutache cords / 36in..

Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Hardwood Round Graduated Natural 24 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ3825NK

10 graduated layers 5mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood round beads w/ t-lock / 24in..

Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Hardwood Slide Cut Natural Carabao Horn 18 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ3806NK

Camagong tiger ebony hardwood sliced cut wood beads with black carabao horn pendant / 18in..

Kamagong Wood Ebony Tiger Hardwood Square Natural 24 inches Wooden Necklaces BFJ3798NK

Square camagong tiger ebony hardwood with accents / 24in..

Kamagong Wood Hammer Shell Wax Cord Natural 32 inches Ebony Tiger Wooden Necklaces BFJ2852NK

55mmx10mm camagong tiger wood bullet pendant in adjustable 32in wax cord..

Kamagong Wood Hardwood Soutache Cords 36 inches Natural Ebony Tiger Wooden Necklaces BFJ3828NK

Twisted camagong tiger ebony hardwood w/ accents in soutache cords / 36in..

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